For Sale: 1948 Olympic Torch

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For Sale: 1948 Olympic Torch


Want a genu-ine piece of London Olympic glory, guv? One of the torches from the 1948 London games has found its way onto Ebay, starting bid price around £7000. Twenty of the torches made the journey from Dover to Wembley to ignite the 1948 Olympic flame. The whereabouts of only a handful are known and there is some question over this one's provenance. The Greek seller, who speaks little English, claims to have received the memento 20 years ago from 'an old man who lived nearby'. (We think we know the same fellow. Last time we passed his bench, he tried to hawk us a genuine can of Strongbow from the 1978 Commonwealth Games.) If you want a more certain taste of glory, why not bid for this Action Man 40th anniversary Olympic champion torch (£2.99), or perhaps Waldi the 1972 Munich mascot, who looks like he's been sat in a jar of formaldehyde for the past three decades, yours for a mere £79.99.

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Perhaps it's time that the truth come out. An Olympic torch from 48 was spirited away by an employee of Dollis Hill GPO Research Station posing as an Olympic athlete,  this little-known fact I am absolutely certain of. The only mystery to me is how it ended up in Greece, perhaps it was a homing torch.


My late father,  carried the torch in and around the Chobham area in Surrey, somewhere near the Gorden Boys School. The torch takes pride of place in my house, and i wouldn't part with for ANY amount of money...


I held this beast today!! 

Ralph Perry1

My Grandad carried the 1948 Olympic torch from Rockbeare to Honiton Clyst which is engraved on the torch 2nd August 1948 and i still have the Torch which he received. Dont know where the greek fella would have got one from though!!