Fancy A Date? On Your Bike!

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Fancy A Date? On Your Bike!

cycleshow09logo.jpg We've heard good reasons women should head to the London Cycle Show, and from the land of PR-generating dubious surveys, comes one for the fellas. Apparently, the ladies prefer gents on bikes over footballers, golfers, and anglers, with cyclists most often described as 'fun loving', 'intelligent','kind' and 'considerate' as opposed to an 'agressive' and 'selfish' football-fan. Clearly they haven't heard a typical cyclist's reaction whenever a van tries to run them off the road.

Further suggesting that the survey respondents were probably drawn from a database of female cyclists, 44% rated a bike ride as the ideal first date. Impressively, the press release managed to avoid using the phrases "getting hot and sweaty", "feeling saddle-sore" or "getting a leg over" in relation to a cycling date. We, however, couldn't. Common sense did prevail in the section about sporting fashions: lycra has very few fans. Although, our favourite bit of nonsense from the survey was the fact that 1% of the respondents found fishing gear attractive.

Then again, perhaps the survey shows that women just aren't really that in to men. We can't imagine much conversation on a cycling first date apart from "Look out for that bus!", and with vague links between poor saddle design and erectile dysfunction, maybe a cyclist is the perfect boyfriend when you don't really want one.

If you agree with the survey and want to find a bloke on a bike, or want to get in to cycling and find some lycra-alternative clothing to improve your luck with the ladies, get along to Cycle Show 2009: Earls Court 1, 9 and 10 October from 10am-6pm, 11 October from 10am-5pm. Tickets are £11.50 in advance, available at, or £14.50 on the door.

Last Updated 08 October 2009