Fan Making Workshops @ The Fan Museum

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 102 months ago
Fan Making Workshops @ The Fan Museum

Fan_Butterfly.jpg If you've enjoyed our peek around the Fan Museum this month, then perhaps you might be inspired to have a bash at making your own? The museum runs fan-making workshops on the first Saturday of every month; as well as making Chinese and Fontange fans, there's usually a short history of fans given by the curator Mrs Hélène Alexander.

Classes start at 2pm and cost £20 (booking ahead is highly recommended). You'll need to bring two sheets of smooth, non-shiny, wrapping paper with you but you'll get tea / coffee, biscuits (biscuits!) and the rest of the equipment in return. We can't promise you'll create anything as exquisite as the fan in the picture, but you should have a lot of fun.

See other posts from October's Museum of the Month or vist them (or their website) at 12 Crooms Hill, Greenwich.

Last Updated 27 October 2009



Actually, take that back; does the museum do electric fans? I come from a hot country and my grandma's house used to have some rather ornate ceiling fans that perhaps deserved the museum treatment.


Well, the Fan Museum was our featured museum of the month... in the History of Fans section there is actually a section on electric fans - no ceiling fans from memory, more those big boxy things you get in offices during those two weeks every summer when everyone melts.