Do You Heart Heart?

By Lindsey Last edited 103 months ago
Do You Heart Heart?

Commercial radio polls today saw Heart 106.2 - with its easy listening, classic, singalonga staples laced with perky popness from the playlist - forge ahead of its sister station, Capital FM, and take 2nd place in terms of Rajar listening figures. Magic remains in top spot confirming Londoners love of MOR mellowness to zone out the buzz of the city. However, the Guardian analysis of the figures is pretty bewildering so forget 'reach' and 'audience share' - what radio station does the discerning Londonist reader listen to?

Last Updated 29 October 2009


Radio 4. Yessir. Unless its late and I'm washing up, then I have been known to crow loudly along to Magic's terrible, cheesy love songs, without quite knowing how and when I learnt all the words...


I have to listen to Radio 4, Radio 5 and Radio 2 for work, which might explain why I seldom listen to the radio for pleasure.


Radio 4, Absolute and 6 Music. But I listen to the podcasts, not the live shows.



R4 to wake up to then switch to 6music to get going. Always Heart rather than Magic if I'm in someone else's office though and always have to singalonga lot.

Absolute? How's that doing?


Radio 6, with scatterings of Radio 1 (in the evenings when it becomes less 'yoof-focussed'), XFM and Q Radio. The latter two are good, but I cannot tolerate the adverts on commercial stations for very long.


I gave up on XFM about a month ago, and until I can afford two shiny digital radios for 6 Music (one for bedroom, one for kitchen, there MUST BE THE SAME STATION PLAYING ACROSS THE FLAT IN THE MORNING), it's Radio 4. I'm officially old.


Classic FM and Kiss in alternate bursts. They're next to each other on the dial. Simples.