Cocaine In The City: Any Excuse Will Do

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 118 months ago
Cocaine In The City: Any Excuse Will Do

Image / Alex.MacDonald
Cocaine use is on the up in the City, says a charity that works with addicts, and it's all because bankers are stressed out about losing their jobs. The poor babies. It's hardly news, really — coke and the Square Mile go together like "Christmas" and "bonus"; that soft-headed City Boy in the not-at-all lamented London Paper used his column to spell out 1,001 euphemisms for the drug. Is the rest of the population, whose redundancy cheques aren't usually troubled by more than a couple of zeros, supposed to feel sorry for the banking classes? Perhaps they can console themselves by remembering that, after a year of penance and mea-culpas, the days of huge bonuses are already back.

Last Updated 30 October 2009