Chocolate Week Review: Chocolate Tasting Menu at Time & Space

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Chocolate Week Review: Chocolate Tasting Menu at Time & Space


During our visit to Time & Space Restaurant, Cafe & Bar at the Royal Institution, it occurred to us that Time & Space was a brilliantly understated name for this Mayfair establishment. Service was quick and the dining room was as beautiful as any we've chanced upon. Manager Stephane and head waiter Claris were consummate hosts; indeed, everything about our experience was worthy of accolades. But as we were there to sample the Chocolate Week tasting menu, let's stick with head chef's Julian Ward's decadent (but well balanced) four course chocolate feast for the remainder of this review (and suffice it to say we see no reason for our readers to stay away once Chocolate Week ends).

Our cocoa-centric menu commenced with a rule breaker of a treat - hot chocolate and walnut cappuccino - and was soon followed by an intriguing Cornish crab with chorizo and chocolate Chantilly (one of the most bizarre and beguiling dishes we've ever eaten). For the main course, a bit more convention was in order; breaded venison with celeriac, candied beetroot and cherry chocolate sauce was a hearty delight. Finishing things off was an almost too pretty to eat medley of chocolate proving that extravagance can still be excellent value (the four course chocolate tasting menu costs £29.95).

Time & Space is located at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street (W1S 4BS). Visit for more info about this lovely restaurant.

Photograph of Chef Julian Ward by Chris Osburn

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I was quite excited to stumble across the Royal Institute, never mind a bar in it, but I thought Time & Space was disappointing. I didn't eat or anything but it seemed very lacking in atmosphere, like a quiet hotel bar.


Ah, well you should come along to my science pub quiz. We certainly liven the place up.


Unless there's only one question and it's 'What is the chemical symbol for Potassium?' I would get 0.

Chris Osburn

Talia: Seriously? I thought the atmo was lovely. And what's wrong with a quiet hotel bar? Some of London's best places to drink are quiet hotel bars. Regardless of your thoughts about the bar, the restaurant's dining area is lovely and, at least during my visit today, was a rather buzzing place.

M@: Sounds like fun.


Nice bar - albeit eerily deserted when I was there - and (grumble grumble) overly expensive wine.

Chris Osburn

Yeah, Stephane was telling me about how it's popular for lunch but there's not much business in the evening. The price of wine probably reflects the Mayfair address. I didn't have wine with my list but noticed bottle prices seemed reasonable and that they had a good wine list.