Win: The Prisoner Blu-ray Box Sets

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Win: The Prisoner Blu-ray Box Sets

1509.prisoner.jpg Best television series ever made, The Prisoner. Well, probably. Most definitely the strangest. Yup - this Londonista is a signed-up groupie of the cult 60s show. Got the hat. Still wear the t-shirt.

The sixteen epsiodes tell the story of a spy (the late Patrick Mcgoohan) who tries to quit and wakes up in 'The Village', a cock-eyed paradise from which there is no escape (actually Portmeirion in North Wales). It is totally gripping viewing. We can't believe that there's anyone out there who has not at least seen the opening sequence, which features some of the most iconic shots of London ever. We're not going to tell you anything further or offer any interpretation. We don't want to spoil it for you, and the debate is still out as to what it all means anyway.

This year is a biggie for fans, as not only is there a remake in the pipeline (we'll reserve judgment on that) but the entire series is coming out on Blu-ray. Unfortunately a celebratory planned all-nighter at the Prince Charles Cinema has been cancelled, but the promoters have kindly given us three box sets to give away anyway. This is a cool prize.

To win, just leave us your answer to the following question in the comments below by noon on Monday 21st September . The prizes will be awarded to the three most creative.

Who is Number One?

Be seeing you.

Last Updated 17 September 2009