Weekend Round-Up

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Weekend Round-Up


Here's what we've learned this weekend whilst you've been free-wheeling all round London:

  • Critter of the week: meet Freeway, the tortoise who crossed the M25 and survived.
  • Murder in Plumstead: a 30 year old woman has been found dead in her home.Size 12-14 models spotted at London Fashion Week: yay!
  • Camden police have admitted watching too much CSI juvenile DNA snatching.
  • Harriet's trying to curb the City's sexpensive lifestyle.
  • Anish Kapoor thingy by Where the Art Is via the Londonist pool.

    Last Updated 20 September 2009


    LOVE that picture


    Is it really yay to the size 12-14 models at fashion week?

    I'm not claiming that there shouldn't be size 12-14 models used there but, in this particular instance, was it really done for the right reasons? Some of the photos suggest that the clothes weren't actually the right size for the models and they don't particularly suit their body shape. In one shot (the girl in black) the bottom of the girl's breasts are clearly visible in one of the cut out sections of the dress, which is not how that dress would have been supposed to look.

    If he really wanted to use these models then he should given them clothes that fit properly. On top of this he could even have gone to far to only use size 12-14 models in his show.

    This is from the BBC article on Mark Fast,

    >His clothes used to be one size fits all but his spring/summer 2010 collection features garments in different size groups. However, they are not categorised numerically to "challenge traditional notions of fit and idealized body shape"

    How does that challenge anything or anyone other than the girl trying to find a dress in her size? If you want to show people that it's okay to be a size 14 you shouldn't be using an arbitrary sizing system. All that can do is suggest that being a size 14 is something of which to be ashamed.

    Doesn't his choice of models just have publicity stunt written all over it?


    Yes - publicity stunt it undoubtedly is. True altruism and fashion are rare bed fellows.
    But it is still a small step in the right direction.


    There's no such thing as true altruism. But that's an aside.

    It's only a step in the right direction if it is followed through. This isn't the first time someone has done this. Nothing has changed as a result of it being done before. Mark Last gets some extra press. The models are still discussed as the 'larger' models and not just models. And he'll probably never do it again. Status quo preserved.