The Mummy Returns...With a Crowbar

By SallyB2 Last edited 114 months ago
The Mummy Returns...With a Crowbar It is a well-know fact that 'there is no limit to what the Middle Class Mummy will do in the holy crusade against', er clampers. Our folk heroine of the week is an understandably anonymous Croydon mother who took matters into her own hands when her daughter's car was clamped and towed under dubious circumstances. The car in question had been parked in a badly marked permit bay in a parking black hole otherwise known as the Dingwall Road Car Park. Rather than pay the £335.00 release fee, our crowbar wielding avenger broke in to the compound by stealth of night, reclaimed possession of the Clio, and drove off. We can hear the applause rippling out across London this evening. Sure, breaking and entering ain't a good thing to do, but when the operators are apparently such greedy sons of so and sos that the council are planning to close the place anyway, who can blame her? We have become such a derring-don't society that a little bit of naughtiness in the name of civil rights warms the cockles. (Image/violinconcertono3)

Last Updated 12 September 2009