TfL Pastes Giant Eyes Onto Buses

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TfL Pastes Giant Eyes Onto Buses


Has anyone spotted the latest advertising campaign from Transport for London? Chances are it's already spotted you. Giant eyes have been pasted onto the backs of buses to raise awareness of the perils of driving while under the influence of drugs. It's a novel and regional aspect of the new campaign from THINK! , whose memorable TV adverts show young drivers with bulging eyes getting pulled over by the cops. The ocular omnibus ads are driven, in more ways than one, by TfL, who are leading the campaign in the capital.

It should go without saying that driving after taking illegal drugs is dangerous, yet the message has much less public currency than the long-running campaign against drink driving. The new adverts seek to redress this by emphasising that detection is easier than you think. Many illegal drugs have an involuntary effect on the muscles of the eye, causing noticeable increases in pupil size that would put you under suspicion. In short, 'your eyes will give you away'. Penalties for driving under the influence of drugs are the same as those for drink driving.

The 'mega-rear' posters will appear on ten buses around London. As well as a startling reminder of the campaign, the image of a giant eye roving around the capital will be a novel boon for caption writers. We're thinking of something along the lines of 'TfL offer free bus pass to the retired Lord Sauron'. But leave any wittier thoughts on the ocular omnibuses in the comments. Image by TfL.

Last Updated 09 September 2009