Strikes Create Unsorted Post Mountain

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 103 months ago
Strikes Create Unsorted Post Mountain

postbox_18Sep09.jpg Even as we all provided our anecdotal evidence for the crapfest that is London's mail 'delivery' 'service' at the moment, the Royal Mail were hitting back with the news that management volunteers were helping to sort the post. Wow. But with a possible national strike looming (not that us capital dwellers would notice any difference), here's more evidence of the ginormous backlog sitting around in sorting offices. In south west London alone there are 2.5m-3m unsorted items (note the 500,000 estimate gap. Joke: how does the Royal Mail lose half a million letters? Easily), with more strikes set for 23 and 29 September. Even the government's turning to couriers to make sure benefits and pension cheques arrive, and more and more of us are doing the same. Foot + bullet, perhaps? (Image / The Green Odyssey)

Last Updated 18 September 2009


Exactly, with the Post Office/Royal Mail losing customers with their strikes, unlike the tube, there are other companies ready to grab as many of their customers as they can and once moved over, they won't return.

Once the goverment decide the privatise or whatever the post office, there won't be much of it to deal with.