Richard Dawkins Talks About His New Book In Diverse Places

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Richard Dawkins Talks About His New Book In Diverse Places


Biologist, presenter, atheist love/hate figure and Dr-Who-assistant-marrying author Richard Dawkins has a new book out. Naturally, that means opportunities to see the controversial thinker talk about his latest work.

The Greatest Show on Earth carefully explains the evidence for evolution by natural selection (as opposed to his previous books...?). Dawkins describes it as an 'educational disgrace' that over 40% of Americans dismiss evolution in favour of supernatural explanations for the diversity of life on Earth. If only they were exposed to the evidence for evolution, he asserts, they couldn't all believe in such nonsense. Cue book burnings and demonstrations in Bible-belt America. In this country, Dawkins probably gets more flak from other rationalists and atheists than from creationists. Many approve of his sentiments but not his combative approach. Wherever you stand on the issue, a chance to listen to and engage the author in debate is not to be missed. There are at least a couple of opportunities upcoming in London:

16 September: The Logan Hall, Institute of Education, 20 Bedford Way. In conversation with Time Editor James Harding. £7.

24 November: V&A, £8

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