Naked Lady To Ride Horse Through Central London

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Naked Lady To Ride Horse Through Central London


If you're queuing up for one of the many Westminster venues during Open House tomorrow, keep an eye out for Caroline Anns-Baldock. The 62-year-old former flat jockey will ride 'naked' along Whitehall on her way to Downing Street. Those inverted commas are needed because this latter-day Godiva will actually be wearing a skin-coloured body suit to protect her modesty. Despite this concession to decency, she still hopes to raise awareness for her long-term cause: establishing a museum dedicated to horses. Her undressed dressage will take her to the gates of Downing Street where, with a couple of horsey friends, she'll hand in a petition calling for funding. Record books tell us that the Natural History Museum was founded in much the same way. Sir Hans Sloane, in a state of dishabille, famously rode a blue whale (now hanging in the mammal gallery) up the Thames to Westminster to campaign for his museum. Well, maybe. Someone's got to carry on the 'lies to tell tourists' baton now Time Out have nixed the column.

Last Updated 18 September 2009