Islington Gives Cyclists The Hump

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Islington Gives Cyclists The Hump

road.jpg Cyclists in Islington are being given a taste of the pain felt by motorists over speed bumps after 14 of them were installed on a back road to prevent speeding, making even riding slowly a somewhat jarring experience. It's not the first time Islington council have courted controversy over traffic calming - BBC's Inside Out researchers found last year that some were higher than the legal limit of 10cm causing damage to cars. While the number of speed bumps installed does seem a tad excessive where some decent signage probably would have done the trick, it does at least acknowledge that speeding cyclists can be a problem for pedestrians. Though with the news last week that cycling the wrong way down a one way street is now OK, the various cycle schemes and the skyride at the weekend, London looks to be turning into a city of two wheels instead of a city of four.

Photo by Tyla'75

Last Updated 25 September 2009