Ice Cream Preview: Icecreamists Launch at Selfridges

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Ice Cream Preview: Icecreamists Launch at Selfridges

Image courtesy of the Selfridges and the Icecreamists

Taking inspiration from Voltaire's quote, "Ice cream is equisite.  What a shame it isn't illegal," the so-called Icecreamists "subversive new ice cream brand" is to launch a "subterranean ice cream installation ... offering an array of vice creams and guilty pleasures" in the lower ground floor Ultralounge of Selfridges. Subversive ice cream? Yeah, whatever. But if it tastes good and the price is right, we're cool with the concept. From 11 September to 1 November, Oxford Street shop-aholics will be able to indulge in a variety of unusual flavours. You heard all that chatter about their Sex Pistol/Viagra ice cream, right? Other potentally yummy treats will include a Selfridges Ice Cream Sandwich and 21st century reimagining of the Knickerbockerglory. Hmmm ... sounds delish! Clearly, it will be Londonist's utmost duty to pay a thoroughly investigative visit to report on the quality of these frozen delicacies for our dear readers! Find out more at the Icecreamists page on the Selfridges website.

Last Updated 01 September 2009