Guy's Hospital Gets Scaly Skin

By M@ Last edited 112 months ago
Guy's Hospital Gets Scaly Skin


Guy's tower, that hulking bastard of concrete next to London Bridge, looks all set for a piscatorial makeover. Several posters in the area boast of 're-cladding the tower wing improve its appearance and energy consumption: Completes end of 2012'. The scaly reskin has been on the cards for a while, but this is the first public signal we've seen confirming intent. Guy's reckons to be the tallest hospital in the world, but will appear stunted, nay, wretched next to the lithe and lofty Shard (whose construction cranes are currently being assembled next door). Is there a touch of 'keeping up with the Jones's' about the reclad? Some are concerned that the brutalist infirmary will end up looking like a Frankenstein's monster - a 1970's concrete tower with a 2006 Thomas Heatherwick base, a new entrance about to start, and then a reclad, all by different firms. But we quite like the idea of a mongrel mix-and-match of styles to contrast with the sleek Shard.

Last Updated 28 September 2009