Drama Classes For People Who Don't Do Drama

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Drama Classes For People Who Don't Do Drama


For most of us, acting is something we consume at the theatre, or on TV. We may have considered treading the boards, but there's quite a high confidence barrier to joining an Am Dram class if you're a complete novice. Drama Workhouse, a charitable organisation now over ten years old, aims to change that with drama lessons geared up for the whole community. In their own words, they aim to include 'people from all walks of life: from kids, to prison inmates, to rather normal adults who are looking for fun evenings after work'.

As well as learning acting techniques, the classes are also a good way to boost your confidence and presentation skills. The emphasis is very much on having fun and meeting people from different walks of life, rather than a hang-out for wannabe thesps and pretentious luvvies. New courses begin on 15 September (adults) and 12 September (kids). The first lesson is free - if you like what you see, you can come back each week for just £8.50 a session. Classes take place at the Dudden Hill Centre in Dollis Hill. To sign up, head over to their website.

Last Updated 02 September 2009