Capital Drinks: #1 Royal London

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Capital Drinks: #1 Royal London


In which we drink our way through the most Londony beverages.

What you 'avin? A pint of Royal London, if you please. It's a new brew from Greene King, created especially to celebrate the capital. The tipple launched last month and is already going down well with punters (according to that most objective of sources, the Greene King bar manager).

Why's it called that? As far as we know, the auburn refreshment has ne'er passed a prince's lips. The Royal apellation comes from the name and emblem of Suffolk brewer Greene King, whom you may know from such libations as Abbot Ale, Old Speckled Hen and, of course, Greene King IPA.

What's it got in it? For those who like to know what they're drinking, Royal London (4% abv) contains crystal malt with Challenger and Golding hops. And some water.

Any good? Well, yes. Our pint (served at the Brewmaster in Cranbourn Street) was clearly well kept and sported a rich, complex ever-so-slightly-fruity-but-not-in-a-farty-way flavour. Spankingly above average.

Where can I buy my round? Royal London is available in most of the capital's Greene King pubs. That includes such gems as the Sherlock Holmes in Charing Cross (head upstairs for a waxwork surprise) and the George on Borough High Street (London's only remaining coaching inn and site of one of the first ever Londonist meetups, some four and a bit years ago). If you want to make like Nell Gwynne and repeatedly swallow Royal London, check out the company's 'ale trails'. There's a T-shirt up for grabs.

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