Boris Johnson Sells London To Americans

Dean Nicholas
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Boris Johnson Sells London To Americans

1109_boris.jpg As a native Noo Yoiker himself — he was born in the city and lived there for his first few months — it's appropriate that the Mayor is going in person to the Big Apple to sell Manhattanites on London as the city for tourism and destination. He'll nob his hobs with the world's best-dressed at New York Fashion Week, hold a series of meetings on the global financial situation with counterpart Michael Bloomberg, and ring the bell at the NASDAQ stock exchange. As well as selling London, it'll be a chance to promote himself on an international platform; most Americans, if they're aware of Johnson at all, will only be familiar with him from his gurning, awkward, open-jacketed appearance at the closing ceremony of the Bejiing Olympics. Boris' tour starts on Saturday, and we'll entrust our friends at Gothamist to report any and all interesting anecdotes from the Johnson camp. No word yet on the visit from Ken Livingstone, who may smile mirthlessly as he recalls how Boris attacked his overseas trips during the election campaign last year, although unlike Ken's junkets the cost of this visit is being borne by BA and the largess of Mayor Bloomberg.

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On behalf of my fellow New Yorkers, I'll make a deal with you, Boris. You get nonstop round-trip fares (none of this "connect in Madrid" bull) down below, say, $350, and we'll come visit in droves.

(OK, I can't promise droves, but I can promise I will come visit again if/when the airfare is more affordable.)