Bank DLR Station Shutdown; But Hey, There's No Strike

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 104 months ago
Bank DLR Station Shutdown; But Hey, There's No Strike

dlr_tracks29Sep09.jpg It looks like there'll be no DLR at Bank for a big chunk of December, as TfL close the terminus to upgrade track and signals for the new three-car trains. Bank trains will apparently terminate at Shadwell, with travellers expected to shunt onto Tower Hill or the Jubilee Line (when it runs). There's no word on exact dates yet, but it's another straw for the backs of camels living in south / east London, already used to multiple line closures (and we can't imagine British Airways will be very happy, launching their all-business flights from City to JFK today). But it's all in the excellent cause of increasing DLR capacity, so we'll struggle home with our Christmas shopping via a different route with that in mind.

On a happier note, the 48 hour strike that was planned to start tomorrow has been called off. The dispute over new rosters, which TfL say will increase safety while the RMT say the shorter shifts will affect working conditions - oh you guys and your po-tay-to po-tah-to - has found some kind of common ground. No word on next week's Victoria Line strike yet, though. (Image by paolo999 from the Londonist Flickr pool)

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Hmm. Surely they can be a bit more imaginative? Trains normally go from Shadwell to Platform 10 at Bank (I think?), then pull forward, and 'reverse' into platform 9 for the return journey. I think it's the points here that they need to do work on? If so, they could run a train in reverse down to platform 9 from shadwell, and then back up the same tunnel to return to Shadwell, without the need for this switching in the tunnels behind Bank.

Sure it means they couldn't run as many trains (hmm, maybe only 1 every 10 minutes?) But it would help, surely? They could maybe even use the same approach for platform 10, and double the possible frequency?

Or does what I have said above make no sense whatsoever?

Mr Thant

The work is to rebuild the top end of the ramp down to Bank so that there can be a direct route from Shadwell westbound to Tower Gateway, which increases the capacity of Tower Gateway (for future closures of Bank mainly). It's only tangentially related to the three car project.

The good news is that this is the very last bit of upgrade work on the main Bank-Lewisham for the foreseeable future, and there's only a handful of other bits and pieces left elsewhere (Pudding Mill Lane relocation, Custom House rebuilding, platform extensions to Beckton, and Stratford International branch plumbing-in).

John Bull

The Docklands have got the timing wrong as well - the closure is likely to be 24th December through to about the 25th of January.