Arcola Theatre Plans New Eco-Friendly Home

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 103 months ago
Arcola Theatre Plans New Eco-Friendly Home

1009_arcola.jpg Fans of Dalston's Arcola Theatre that we are, it was exciting to read of their plans to move into new premises and become Britain's first carbon-neutral theatre. The Arcola wants to relocate from its current charming, if cramped, home and move a few hundred metres south, to a purpose-built site beside the new Dalston Junction station. A feasibility study is currently underway for the building which would house an expanded main theatre, two studios, a cafe, gym, learning centre and park; and in keeping with recent Dalston experiments in sustainability, the theatre would be built from recycled material, including straw bales and potentially scrap metal from the Olympic site. (Image of current Arcola building by Kake Pugh)

Last Updated 10 September 2009


This is exciting but I like Arcola's current home. Is dilapidated and obscure, sure, but the 3 different sized performance spaces (the newest being huge!) in old warehouses are pretty special. Being closer to the station would certainly help, though.