Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists

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Londonist is one of thirteen in the worldwide Gothamist network. Once a week, the editors of each site - from SFist to Shanghaiist - compile some of their most interesting posts into a neat digest. Check out what's been going on elsewhere in the ist-a-verse:

  • SFist was sent back to the halcyon days of childhood after Lombard Street was transformed into a Candy Land game board.
  • Gothamist was amazed that former Giants star Plaxico Burress pleaded guilty and will face 2 years in prison for charges related to the November incident where he brought an illegal gun into a Manhattan nightclub and accidentally shot himself because the gun was falling down his pants.

  • Toronto was unexpectedly besieged by tornadoes, but marveled at the strange beauty of their aftermath.

  • Shanghaiist found a pretty disturbing ad from Sichuan — apparently you can get half

    off the cost of an abortion if you bring your student ID.

  • Chicagoist stumbled upon this glorious manifesto - railing against Mayor Daley, his controversial parking meter deal, and the city's high taxes, among other things - posted the storefront window of a small business.

  • LAist found out that not everyone in LA digs the food truck craze, when some restaurants banded together to get the cops to tow the trucks off their block.

  • Londonist questioned whether it was appropriate for the heir to the throne to object to architectural plans without even having seen them.

  • Phillyist went 90s.

  • Seattlest was glued to the TV this week, watching local dance group Massive Monkeys and local chefs Ashley Merriman and Robin Levinthal.

  • Last Updated 24 August 2009