The 'London Red' Urban Story Walk

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The 'London Red' Urban Story Walk

Shades of Patterson by WowtheWorld
It's a good 6 months since the Patterson Challenge therefore high time we really stretched our legs again. Not in the name of historic or literary retracing this time, but to get a feel for the Urban Earth project "to walk across and (re)present some of the largest urban areas on our planet."

Walks across Sao Paolo, Mexico City and um Newcastle and Manchester intended to reveal the distribution of deprivation through cities are already in the bag. Diverting slightly from the stern geography teacher brief, London's 25km walk this week is an 'Urban Story' route, planting footprints across the city's "hidden ridges of inequality" will build on personal and shared narratives of the city. We'll be packing some back issues of One Eye Grey.

Meeting 9am at Waltham Cross Railway station this Thursday, 27 August, the route will wend through the most densley populated areas of the city winding up at Shadwell DLR around 6.30pm. If we're still able, the group will make its way to the geographic centre of London, Charing Cross, for beers and debrief. As with Patterson, the aim is to capture the journey and reflect on it as the blisters develop.

Walks across Sheffield, Cardiff and Birmingham are also planned for 2009 with a mass event in pilgrimage to Canterbury scheduled for January 2010. We'll be there to capture London Red for Londonist. Well, we could do with the exercise for a start. Interested? Come join us.

Last Updated 22 August 2009