Snoop Around The Royal College of Surgeons

By Lindsey Last edited 107 months ago
Snoop Around The Royal College of Surgeons

henry8_feature.jpg As part of the anniversary celebrations of 500 years since Henry VIII acceded to the throne of England, the Hunterian Museum is opening its doors for the second of three special days tomorrow, between 10am-5pm, to enable rare viewings of a Holbein painting, Henry VIII and the Barber Surgeons. You can't normally get into the Royal College of Surgeon's magnificent (we're told, we haven't been there yet) hall, where the work - a preparatory cartoon pricked with pins - is on show, depicting the King surrounded by physicians and surgeons. A perfect opportunity to indulge your Tudor fetish, discover this small and gruesomely interesting museum and poke about the College. Free admission.

Last Updated 10 August 2009


Thanks - sounds very interesting. Will try to get along there in my lunch hour tomorrow.


i think you'll find that that painting of henry and the barber surgeons is currently on display at the henry exhibition at the british library (only know this as i went there last week!)


Ooh, so we can see the cartoon at the Hunterian and the painting at the BL. Double Holbein whammy - thanks.


And for anyone who likes Holbein's pricked cartoons, the National Portrait Gallery have this fellah on permanent display.