Round 1 To The Ladies: IOC Approves Women's Boxing For 2012

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Round 1 To The Ladies: IOC Approves Women's Boxing For 2012

We're delighted to inform you that, after the International Olympic Committee's deliberations, women's boxing has been awarded a well deserved place in the 2012 London Olympics. Three women's weight classes will be added to the boxing events, something made possible by the removal of one of the classes for men. Before any gentlemen start to grumble, however, we should point out that this still leaves them a total of 10, which will provide more than ample opportunity for some testosterone-fuelled head bashing. While we'll have to wait and see what effect this news has on the number of women's boxing clubs in London, we have found several classes such as this available to any budding Michaela Tysons out there. Why not use the comments section below to let us know about any others? (Image / Women Boxers, 1904 from

Last Updated 13 August 2009


Watch and see out of nowhere you will begin to see female talent emerging for this. There are plenty of women that have a passion to box and this is their opportunity to shine.

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