Richard Long Designs New Tube Map Cover

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 111 months ago
Richard Long Designs New Tube Map Cover

2008_tubemaplong.jpg Having taken care of your wallpapering needs by giving out free Richard Long prints to commuters earlier in the year, TfL have now made it possible to decorate your pocket as well. From September new Tube maps will be available with a cover designed by the artist.

"Earth", an all-new work, draws on the philosophies of the I-Ching, and shows blocks of rectangular colour, matching those of the Tube lines on the map, set against a black backdrop that represents the Northern line. Blatant favouritism? A reflection of the Northern's status as the most used line on the network? Or simple aesthetic consideration? Post-pub debate will run long and deep.

Last year, commuters were treated to a slightly trippy Cornelia Parker-designed map cover. It'd be nice to see more such examples of artwork used to brighten bits of quotidian transport literature, and would atone for the Ikea yellow daubed on Oyster card holders last year.

Richard Long: Heaven & Earth is on at Tate Britain until September 6th.

Last Updated 20 August 2009