Review: Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival at Big Chill Bar

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Review: Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival at Big Chill Bar

On Sunday afternoon we attended the previously mentioned Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival at the Big Chill Bar. Despite arriving relatively early, the place was almost fully packed with folks eagerly digging in to the dish of their choice. The offerings included: Sesame Spiced Chicken, Seafood Black Bean, Vegetable Cha Bee Hoon, and, of course, Tiger Chilli Crab. The event was sponsored by Tiger Beer and food was served by chefs from Awana, which will be serving a special Ramadan menu until 19 September.

We trudged to the back of the bar, a bit saddened to not have found a place outside in the gorgeous sunshine. However, our spirits were instantly revived once we overheard our many neighbours debating how to best eat the crab, the best solution provided being to 'just be brave and pick it up'. It might not have been the most graceful option, but it certainly enabled the highest level of satisfaction. The crab was absolutely delicious and the sauce packed enough punch to keep even those of us indoors at a (mild, not disgusting) sweat. Before long, demolished crab legs were piled high and we had, most likely, used up nearly all of East London's paper napkin supply. A few more timid souls steered shy of the crab and tried the chicken, which looked yummy but no where near as much fun.

The Festival had a relaxed atmosphere, which made for a wonderful Sunday afternoon activity. The only things we could have asked for would have been moist toilettes for those sticky fingers and something sweet, such as pisang goreng. We left feeling rather full and wondering if anyone plans on hosting a black pepper crab festival anytime soon. We will certainly look forward to this event again next year.

Last Updated 25 August 2009