Preview: Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival @Big Chill Bar

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Preview: Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival @Big Chill Bar

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Photo Courtesy of Tiger Beer
For anyone who has never seen or tasted Singporean chilli crab, the dish may appear to be somewhat daunting. What should be done with all of those legs and is it possible to eat it without making a glorious mess of everything? For the rest of us, it is an experience not to be missed. The mere thought of those tender pieces of flavourful crabmeat is enough to make us wish that Bugis Street didn't happen to be quite so far away.

If you happen to have a craving for chilli crab, or simply want to know what all the fuss is about, stop by this weekend's Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival at the Big Chill Bar (an appropriately named venue for the occasion). The Festival, which has previously been held in London, is now part of a greater tour throughout the UK. It aims to not only bring the spine-chillingly-good recipe to a wider audience, but also to celebrate Tiger Beer's 'heritage as a Far Eastern beer with real depth'. We'll be honest, we're primarily going for the crab, but we won't say 'no' to a chilled beer, or two.

The event starts at noon on both Saturday and Sunday and will feature DJs Cosmic Truth, Ashley Beedle, Reverse 68, Danielle Morre (Crazpy P), The OffKeyHat and Discobox. Admission is free and all dishes will be served by chefs from Awana.

The Tiger Beer Chilli Crab Festival happens this Saturday and Sunday, 22 and 23 August at the Big Chill Bar, East End from 12:00 onwards. Admission free.

Last Updated 20 August 2009