Review: Frae Organic Frozen Yogurt

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Review: Frae Organic Frozen Yogurt

Photography courtesy of Frae

All the pieces fit nicely together at Frae Organic Frozen Yogurt in Camden Passage near Angel:  healthy, carefully carefully crafted organic recipe, clean, bright and friendly atmosphere, and biodegradable recycled packaging. With a product free from artificial powders, natural flavour literally means natural.  This is why Frae only has two base flavours: original and green tea (brewed with green tea leaves).  And it’s not sickly sweet and won’t leave an after-taste in your mouth. Scottish owners Martyn and Don say they carefully considered different types of sweeteners and tried hundreds of recipe combinations.   They chose organic fair trade sugar over agave nectar (Martyn wrinkles his nose, “too sweet”) and dextrose (eww!! processed). Ask where the fresh fruit toppings are sourced from and Martyn will spill the name of the market and the driver that delivers it! Frae's yogurt recipe and source diary farm are top secret and locked up with a confidentiality agreement. In fact, it’s the only thing that jovial owners won’t tell you anything about.  It took 12 months, using all their holiday time to travel around Britain and find that perfect milk flavour.

Frae froyo is food you can feel good about eating. All the ingredients in their "froyo" are organic and fair trade, containing live active cultures to keep your tummy healthy.  The small is only 70 calories and the regular 120. Of course if you feel that a treat should make you feel a little naughty, they’ve got plenty of naughty bits for you: chocolate and organic brownie chunks, and rotating American sugary cereals too (Fruity Pebbles for one— ask them to say it, because it’s sweet in a Scottish accent), and Graham Crackers! If you don’t like froyo they can make you a smoothie with real fruit and milk (got a vegan friend? bring ‘em they have soy).  And when you’re done try some of their smooth free trade organic coffee.

Visiting Martyn and Don’s shoppe you start to think most of the customers are close friends. Wander in for a froyo once and they’ve memorized your face, more than twice and you're a buddy.  Frae is located at 21 Camden Passage. Visit their website for more details.

by Ann Danylkiw

Last Updated 23 August 2009