Ramadan Menu Review: Awana Malaysian Restaurant

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Ramadan Menu Review: Awana Malaysian Restaurant

Photography by Chris Osburn

A delicious and filling three-course meal (four if you count the fresh dates presented first off to honour of the end of one's Ramadan daily fast) may be had at Awana Malaysian restaurant in Chelsea until the 19th of September. As mentioned in our preview, executive chef Mark Read and Malaysian born head chef Lee Chin Soon are offering Malaysian standards such as roti canai, satay daging (beef served with Awana's spicy peanut sauce) and more in a special "Feast for Ramadan" menu. Londonist had the pleasure of trying out the menu last night and can't think of any reason why our readers shouldn't give it a go as well. At £23.50, we found this multi-course meal (seven dishes in all) to be flavoursome value for money (especially considering the Sloane Avenue address) in a lovely dining space, which we were impressed to see at capacity on an early Tuesday evening. Service was prompt to the point of being telepathic. With respect to the dishes, we most enjoyed the roti canai (best we've had in London thus far) and the satay daging but had no complaints about any of the items we tasted. For dessert, the bobo chacha (sweet potato, yam and jelly in a warm coconut cream) provided a nice ending note and ensured anyone's hunger would be sated. A delightfully crisp and refreshing non-alcoholic bottle of sparkling date juice (£4 per glass, £15 per bottle) added a surprisingly balanced tone to the occasion. Whether celebrating the Ramadan season with close friends and family, looking for a good venue for a romantic night out or simply hankering for a sampling of good Malaysian cuisine, Awana's "Feast for Ramadan" should fit the bill.

Awana is located at 85 Sloane Avenue. Visit them online at www.awana.co.uk for more information.

Last Updated 26 August 2009