Pictures Of Heathrow Terminal East Unveiled

Dean Nicholas
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Pictures Of Heathrow Terminal East Unveiled


BAA have released pictures of Terminal East, the confusingly-named, £1 billion replacement for Heathrow Terminal 2, which will close at the year's end, and Terminal 1, which will shut up shop in 2019 when the new project is complete.

Designed by Norman Foster's firm, the building draws stylistically on the curved roof of the architect's airport terminals in Beijing and Hong Kong, rather than the boxy shape of Stansted. The roof is covered by energy panels, and north-facing glass walls will flood the space with natural light, with a 40% reduction on Terminal 2's energy use predicted.

Despite those impressive ecological savings, of course, Terminal East will berth skybound behemoths that consume vast quantities of fossil fuel, an irony not lost on John Stewart of the campaign group Hacan Clear Skies, who argues that the airport's extra capacity will mean more flights. But a BAA spokesperson cannily attempted to divorce the project from the ever-prickly third runway farrago, saying it was about creating more, and better, terminal capacity.

Terminal East, which will house airlines in the Star Network, will be built in two phases, with the first due to be completed in 2013. Those wishing for a nostalgic trip through Terminal 2, which was opened by the Queen in 1955, had better make it quick — it'll be demolished before the year is out.

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This looks brilliant - I hope it gets built. Anyone who actually travels through Heathrow knows just how dingy the old terminals are. And a new terminal doesn't create any more capacity as it's the runways that are completely full, not the terminals. This is mostly going to make the ground operations and passenger experience better.


Unusually, this design is improving with each iteration! it looks pretty small though, though that could be nice, the T5 satellites have nearly twice as many stands on their own.


It's hugely derivative - swooping roof of Richard Rogers' Terminal 5, illuminated skylights courtesy of Chetwood Associates' Greenwich Peninsula Sainsbury's ...

The architecture's almost irrelevant though since BAA will fill it with grotesque retail malls and it will look - and behave - like Lakeside !


Surely it's cheaper for BAA to remove the shopping malls and rude staff, and flying would be much easier.

- "Take off your shoes"
- "I fly regularly and these shoes are always fine through the metal detector"
- "I don't care, I told you to take them off"

I had the great pleasure of arriving once in T3 when the duty free shop hadn't opened. Because it's the only way through into the 'departure lounge', you had to go down a dimly-lit corridor with no signage, which seemed to be their only backup option.

London City wins hands-down over Heathrow.