Pathe Stock Footage Of Old London (Part 3)

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Pathe Stock Footage Of Old London (Part 3)


Time once again to dip into the flickering archive of the Pathé company, whose web site holds thousands of short films from a long-vanished London. Here are Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them.

Nobody seems at all sure how to use some of the first pedestrian crossings, in the Charing Cross area. Look out for the man with the half-eaten door.

Prince Phillip starts the 1948 London Olympics road cycle race, in Windsor Great Park. Look out for the hilarious fight scene towards the end. (1948)

Queen Mum lays foundation stone of the National Theatre on the South Bank. Declares stone 'well and truly laid'. Weirdly, the theatre appears to be blessed in the name of 'Our Lord Jesus Christ'. Surreal stuff. (1951)

German inventor demonstrates his folding bicycle outside Earl's Court. It'll never catch on. (1966)

Aerial shots of the Thames, including a smoking Battersea Power Station and a largely undeveloped South Bank. (1967)

View from motorbike handlebars along the length of Marylebone and Euston Roads. Note the absence of UCLH, Wellcome Trust building, Camden Town Hall Extension and the British Library. (1970)

And a similar treatment of Oxford Street, which looks mostly unchanged in 30 years. (1970)

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