Abbey Road Crossing May Be Moved

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Abbey Road Crossing May Be Moved

abbey road1.jpg Now that 40 years have passed since the Beatles' Abbey Road photograph was taken, it may be time for the famous crosswalk to be relocated. Tourists, who must dart across the road after having argued who's going to be the barefoot one, have created quite the fuss. According to councillor Lindsey Hall, there have been 22 accidents at the intersection since 2000, which makes it slightly more dangerous than it was in the '80s or '90s. However, a potential uproar by Beatles' fans may be enough to keep the zebra crossing where it is. A spokesman for Westminster City Council indicated that councillors should be able to come together to a decision soon and that the issue might not carry enough to weight to warrant the end of useless reenactments. Might we suggest a Mean Mr. Mustard crossing guard? (Image/WowtheWorld)

Last Updated 10 August 2009


But that's barely two injuries a year. Sounds like an exemplary safety record for a crossing to me.