Nature-ist: Featherstone Street

By Hazel Last edited 113 months ago
Nature-ist: Featherstone Street

What is it?

A bench. Some dusty planting. An attempt at a pergola and what can be kindly described as a Japanese influenced rocky corner. Some perky bright flowers. Not as much rubbish or dog poo as you might expect.

Where is it?

This is the 'pocket park' at the far end of Featherstone Street, running parallel behind car-choked Old Street. Not sure who arranged this bit of greenery and 'relax on me for a short while' street furniture, not sure who takes care of it but it's there, and it's rather nice.

Why has it tickled our fancy?

Old Street and surrounding areas is not very generous in its green spaces so this tiny strip of planting is a mini-oasis. Placed anywhere else, the Featherstone Street flowers would be a bit silly and cumbersome (it would be laughed out of Hampstead) but being in the heart of grubby-chic Old Street area makes it more than welcome for the fume-weary foot passenger. A nice spot to rest a short while, sip a coffee and escape from the clamour of the roads nearby - whoever decided to make Featherstone Street flower, we salute you.

Nature notes:

It's hardly a jungle and there's not much horticultural richness to comment on, but there's an orderly, cared-for feel about the spot. And that pink is the right shade of dazzling to lighten the step of any passer-by.

Last Updated 13 August 2009