Londonist Stays In: 3-9 August

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Londonist Stays In: 3-9 August


Bringing you the most Londony shows on TV and radio over the coming week.


The Scandalous Adventures of Lord Byron (C4, 21.00-22.00) The dashing toff becomes the toast of London society, but then goes a bit off the rails.


Send in the Dogs (ITV1, 20.00-21.00) Dogumentary about police mutts, including the London heats of the annual police dog trials.

Desperate Romantics (BBC2, 21.00-22.00) The pre-Raphaelites get up to more hi-jinx.


Grimefighters (ITV1, 19.30-20.00) The life of a London 'flusher', plying a smelly trade down in the sewers.

Casualty 1907 (BBC4, 20.00-21.00) An accident in the Rotherhithe tunnel floods the hospital with patients.


The Rat Pack (BBC1, 20.30-21.00) Pest exterminators go about their business in London with the help of a Jack Russell.


Rock 'n' Roll Hotel (BBC1, 22.35-23.20) Highly slappable businessman Mark Fuller continues efforts to build a London hotel specifically tailored for celebrities.


Soho Stories: Mergers and Acquisitions (Radio 4, 10.30-11.00) Concluding part of the documentary about Soho media companies, taking the story from 2000 to the present day.


Revelations - Talking to the Dead (ITV1, 19.00-20.00) Inside an East London spiritualist church, in which people believe the dead can be contacted.

An Audience With Max Wall (Radio 4, 19.45-20.00) The entertainer's early life on the streets of Brixton.

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