Corkscrew Celebration At Bow Church

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Corkscrew Celebration At Bow Church

Londonist's best corkscrew, yesterday.

You know you've found a very special local news report when the first two words are 'Corkscrew enthusiasts'. Is this some fashionable sexual position? A call out to fans of the defunct Alton Towers roller coaster? Nope. It really is a piece about aficionados of helical implements. Members of the International Correspondence of Corkscrew Addicts (which claims to be the most prestigious corkscrew collector organization in the world) will next week gather at Bow Church to honour their spiritual founder.

Samuel Henshall, a former rector of that church, first patented the corkscrew back in 1795. The ICCA will present a plaque to this leader of men on 24 August, the anniversary of the patent grant. "I hope the 'Addicts' bring a couple of Henshall corkscrews with them so we can raise a glass to my illustrious predecessor," the current Rector told the East London Advertiser.

If you're thinking about joining the ICCA, you might want to check out their rather sinuous application process. Extract: "A photograph and detailed description of what [the] applicant regards as his/her six best corkscrews should be enclosed. Research is highly regarded as [for?] membership eligibility as the ICCA has as one of its goals the finding and disseminating of corkscrew related information." Good to know that British eccentricity is alive and well.

Last Updated 17 August 2009