Calls For Station To Be Named After London Legend

Dean Nicholas
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Calls For Station To Be Named After London Legend

Image / Fin Fahey
Via Annie Mole: Islington campaigners have reached a minor milestone in their attempts to get Archway station renamed Whittington. Boris Johnson has thrown his weight behind the campaign, which is seeking to end decades of Archway's association with Suicide Bridge and a grim Sixties tower block (pictured), and tap instead into the tale of Dick Whittington, who spun on his bootheels back to London upon hearing the Bow Bells while shlepping up nearby Highgate Hill. Despite the intervention of Islington's blondest resident, campaigners are unlikely to succeed in their mission. TfL are notoriously reluctant to drag their stations down the deed poll office; last year's addition of the work 'Market' to Shepherd's Bush station on the Hammersmith & City line was the first name change in nearly twenty years, and was only done to differentiate the station from its Central line namesake. This Whittington whimsy will fall on the same deaf ears as efforts to rebrand Aldgate East as Brick Lane, Shoredtich as Banglatown, and Arsenal as Gillepsie Road..

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Why don't we take down the signs and allow local residents to choose their own station names? A whiteboard and dry erase marker, perhaps attached by a string, could be provided, allowing all to particpate in a democratic 'wiki' process of station identification.

I'd like to rename my local station, Borough, as 'only a short walk from the far more useful London Bridge'.

Elephant could be renamed 'deceptively faraway and not worth the mugging risk'.

Green Park could become 'If your reading this your late for work'/'lets hope you win the lotto tonight and don't have to come back here'(after 6pm).

Stations have names which, for the most part, are intented to be a geographical link. The next station is 'Dick Whitington' doesn't help anyone. Just because Archway is a unpleasent corner of doesn't mean changing it's name is going to help. 'Whitington' will still be a hideous congested roundabout, overshadowed by an abandoned towerblock and scarred by the A1.