Breaking News: Explosion Reported In Hammersmith

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Breaking News: Explosion Reported In Hammersmith

AUGUST 13, 2009

Update 14:00: Officials say the fire - caused by a burst gas pipe - is under control. No one was hurt, but the flat is badly damaged. Sounds like end of story, so no more updates unless other developments emerge. Is there a word yet for 'storm in a Twitter teacup'?

Update 12:54: Video appears. Still no word on the severity of the incident. Lots of love for Twitter going round for breaking the story, but this is sounding increasingly like a non-story.

Update 12:37: @keithleddington on the scene says nobody was in the flat, according to fire fighters.

Update 12:34: Still no coverage on mainstream news services. Twitterer @richstock estimates location of explosion on Macbeth Street.

Reports are tweeting in of a large explosion in Hammersmith. Details are still sketchy at best, but the key points seem to be a gas explosion at a block of flats in Riverside Gardens. This post will be updated with any developments.

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