Week Around the Ists

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Week Around the Ists

image Michael Chrisman Torontoist.jpg
Photograph by Michael Chrisman/Torontoist.

  • Torontoist spent an early Sunday morning with two street artists, Eric Cheung and Sean Martindale, who make rogue planters out of carved-up posters.
  • DCist went to the official launch of Google Moon and geeked out over astronauts while celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing.

  • Londonist wondered if "enough is enough" is a good argument against the right to free speech.

  • Chicagoist recovered from controversy stir up once more around a proposed Wal-Mart and even its Farmers Market.

  • Gothamist had a hard time figuring what was most shocking: A video of a bicyclist attacking a man with a bike lock, the Rev. Al Sharpton commenting about the arrest of Henry Louis Gates Jr., or these gross apartments.

  • Shanghaiist got a glimpse of the solar eclipse. Just a small glimpse, thanks to the weather. Luckily, the internet came to the rescue.

  • Bostonist was all over Gatesgate, from the initial arrest to the lack of apology to questionable PR decision to the White House invitation, wrapping it up with the Wallace Stevens response.

  • LAist boldly sent a man into an abyss of cleavage, short shorts and toned bodies to find out what it takes to become a Lakers Girl (answers: Glitter, crop tops, Western Bacon Cheeseburgers, hairspray, and...personality.)

  • Phillyist noticed that their city is being overrun by assholes.

  • Seattlest inspected the newest strategy by a local coffee company known for its mermaid logo that's now opening no-logo coffee shops.

  • SFist asked you to show off your creativity by making a map of San Francisco.

  • Last Updated 27 July 2009