South London Power Cut Continues

By Hazel Last edited 114 months ago
South London Power Cut Continues

Orange over-sized plug in Carnaby St by Matt From London
The power cut in south London continues, but you may not know this as there's been notably little coverage. So, we offer you a numerical round-up of the south London power cut caused by vandals setting fire to a cable bridge in Dartford, possibly as part of a plan to steal equipment earlier this week:

Days without electricity: 3

People affected: 100,000 at the peak of the cut

People still affected by the cut today: 55,000

Damaged lines still needing repairs: 4

Areas surviving on rationed electricity from EDF: 3 (Erith, Crayford and Bexleyheath)

Hours of electricity to each rationed area during which there is no doubt frantic recharging of laptops, mobile phones and iPods before power is switched to another area: 3

Shops remaining closed in the area: hundreds

If you're driving through the area, be warned that traffic is bad and the Dartford Crossing toll is suspended for now. And bring batteries and candles! EDF hopes to have power supplies back to normal soon.

Last Updated 22 July 2009