Review: Yu-foria Frozen Yoghurt at Covent Garden

By tikichris Last edited 175 months ago
Review: Yu-foria Frozen Yoghurt at Covent Garden

Photography by Chris Osburn

Maybe if you cross your fingers, touch wood and scrunch your face up like you really really really want summer to return, it will. And when it does, a nice way to cool off would be to try some of Yu-foria’s frozen yoghurt. The shop’s just opened recently at Covent Garden (downstairs near the pesky opera singing buskers). Last week, Londonist swung by; had a chat with Yu-foria’s young and enterprising owner Leo Bedford; and sampled some of the goods. It’s a pleasant little place, not only white and plastic-y as one might expect but cozy and hip with exposed brick, hanging basket chairs and oak seating making for an organic feel. Leo’s pretty hip too: he’s a likeable chap in his mid-twenties keen to make a real go at this new venture. And the yoghurt? Yum! We tried a cup of the 100% fat free plain flavour with some pistachios sprinkled on top (Yu-foria has all sorts of toppings). It was delish and, considering we tried it on one of those hot days last week, very refreshing. We also sampled a couple of spoonfuls of the blueberry yoghurt and were impressed with its natural (not super puckery or too sweet) flavour.

Visit the Yu-foria website for more deets.

Last Updated 07 July 2009