Review: The Conversational

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Review: The Conversational

Boorman on his 'bonfire'
When you’re sick of talking bollocks down the pub, or if you think your opinions are worth more than a sandwich filler between the next round of Bacardi Breezers and closing time, why not try out a ‘salon’?

Pretentiously named, but they don’t have to be posey, one of the newest is ‘The Conversational’ which happens monthly in a louche lounge on the edge of Soho. You turn up, purchase a drink, and kick back in leathery armchaired comfort before engaging in some structured banter with your neighbour and segue into a group discussion.

Wednesday’s topic was ‘Luxury’ with principal contributor Guardian journo and compelling speaker Neil Boorman who got a book out of having burned all his branded goods and clothes in a conspicuous move toward simplifying his life and reassessing its value as an individual rather than dictated by labels.

Maybe you see this as a slightly wonky theory like the current fad in America to own only ‘100 Things’ (to be pursued by acquisition of its book, website and promotional goods in a rather self-defeating manner) but the great thing about a salon is that your contribution is as good as the next man’s, and debate is actively encouraged. It was great, no-one shouted anyone else down, but the cut and thrust was lively and informed. Don’t often get that in Walkabout.

For the August outing, called Reason vs. Emotion, the organisers hope to secure a private room since the random trail of raffish Jeffrey Bernard-wannabe drunks and some topheavy drag queens steering five inch heels toward the bar added colour to the bohemian vibe but were slightly distracting.

By John Holt

Click your heels to it via Venue is Dick’s, 23 Romilly Street, London W1D 5AQ

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