Preview: Science Pub Quiz @ Royal Institution

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Preview: Science Pub Quiz @ Royal Institution


OK, something of a self-promotion, this one. BUT, a very cool* event that we're sure will appeal to a fair few Londonistas. It's the return of the science pub quiz to the Royal Institution on 27 July (that's Monday). And it's self-promotional because it's co-hosted by Londonist M@. Now, the Royal Institution isn't exactly a pub. It does, however, sport a swanky new bar to demonstrate that sciency types can wassail with the best of them. The quiz is pitched for all levels, whether you're John Q. Rocketscientist or just have a passing interest you'll still be able to have a decent stab. So join us for a 7pm start at one of London's most impressive venues (it's got a great glass elevator and a sing-along periodic table - what more do you want?). Entry is £2 per person and teams should be no larger than 5 people. The Royal Institution is at 21 Albemarle Street, Mayfair. To get you in the mood, here are a couple of photo rounds from the last quiz. *Cooler than a thermos flask of liquid nitrogen, a technology first demonstrated at the Royal Institution by James Dewar in 1892.

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