Olympic Sport for Shoppers

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Olympic Sport for Shoppers

Or should that read 'shopping for Olympic sportspersons'? Anyway, we're glad to see retail therapy getting priority: it looks as if the Westfield Stratford shopping centre is going to be one of the first 2012 edifices to be completed. As Londonist could happily shop for Britain, we're still living in hope that they'll introduce a few medals for it. Boris seems to have had a jolly jape yesterday as he witnessed something called topping out, which we believe means they reached roof level. All good, no? Well, actually, we're a bit disturbed. Firstly the name's all wrong: WESTfield Stratford? Couldn't it be Eastfield? Or Westfield East (just for fun). Read a bit more about Westfield, and suddenly Iain Sinclair starts to make a lot more sense. And given that Westfield West isn't exactly buzzing, we have to ask if we really want another white elephant... (Image/Manuel.A.69)

Last Updated 04 July 2009

diamond geezer

There's a good reason why Westfield Stratford will be opening in 2011, and that's because it's not an Olympic project. Westfield was all planned and underway before London won its Games bid.

The developers must be delighted that the capital's largest redevelopment zone is now destined to spring up nextdoor. I'm not convinced that the average Newham resident is quite so excited.


Thank you, diamond geezer - that explains a few things. Interesting how the Olympic banner is being extended to include anything 'successful' that's happening in the area.