Muswell Hillian Lost, Fame And Fortune Found

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Muswell Hillian Lost, Fame And Fortune Found

Image via GothPhil's Flickrstream under a CC licence
Muswell Hill's new favourite son may have lost himself in the hills on the outskirts of Sydney, but he certainly found fame and fortune. He has signed an exclusive media deal with an Australian PR firm for an undisclosed amount, expected to be upwards of AU$100,000 (£50,000).

No doubt this isn't the last we'll hear of Jamie Neale. We can safely predict the story will continue to make headlines (in Australia at least) covering all the usual survivor-story bases: there are already suggestions that it was a hoax; once the exclusive interview is out, other media stables will let fly with accusations of chequebook journalism and ambulance (or rescue 'chopper) chasing; the Neale family have been smart enough to head off the inevitable public backlash for glorifying and rewarding stupidity by promising the money will go to rescue services and Katoomba hospital. But if Jamie really wants to stretch his 15 minutes, there might be a reality tv appearance. We'd back him to win "I'm a Celebrity..."

Media-circus aside, Dad always knows best and his reaction is perhaps the most reasonable: "I can't say I'll kill him, it would spoil the point of him coming back. [But] I'm going to kick his arse."

Last Updated 16 July 2009