Monday Miscellanea

Dave Haste
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Monday Miscellanea

'Sweet doggie' by ponyintheair from the Londonist Flickr pool

Last week on Londonist, in numbers:

23 people got hurt playing on Bodyspacemotionthings at Tate Modern


250,000 pounds Boris earns each year for his column in The Telegraph


60006 is the number for snitching on suspected fare dodgers on the Stansted Express


1912 the year when Edward Lovett acquired his screaming mandrake of Barking

= 3,038 which is a sweet doggie in the Londonist Flickr pool. Sweet!

This Week In London’s History

  • Monday - 20th July 1982: IRA nail bombs explode in Hyde Park and Regents Park, resulting in the death of 11 people and injury to 50 more. 7 horses from the Household Cavalry also die as a result of the attacks.
  • Tuesday - 21st July 2005: Two weeks after the July 7th bombings, four would-be suicide bombers attempt to detonate explosive devices on London’s public transport system. None of the bombs explode fully, but widespread disruption of the transport system ensues nonetheless. Wednesday - 22nd July 1987: Palestinian political cartoonist Naji Salim al-Ali is shot in the face outside his office in Chelsea. He would die of his injuries several weeks later. Thursday - 23rd July 1986: Prince Andrew marries Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey. As a wedding present (of sorts), the Queen grants them the title of Duke and Duchess of York. Friday - 24th July 1987: At the High Court, Jeffrey Archer wins damages of £500,000 in his libel case against the Daily Star. 14 years later he would be convicted of perjury and perverting the course of justice for falsifying an alibi during the 1987 trial. He would eventually repay the £500,000 to the Daily Star.

    London Quote Of The Week

    A mighty mass of brick and smoke and shipping,

    Dirty and dusky, but wide as eye

    Could reach, with here and there a sail just skipping

    In sight, then lost amid the forestry

    Of masts; a wilderness of steeples peeping

    On tiptoe, through the sea-coal canopy;

    A huge, dun cupola, like a foolscap crown

    On a fool's head — and there is London Town!

    Lord Byron, Don Juan

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