London Bridge Redesign: Spikes And Organic Veg

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London Bridge Redesign: Spikes And Organic Veg

This is the winner of RIBA's competition to redesign London Bridge, a crossing so bland that passing a turd on the carriageway might count as making an improvement. But how fantastic would this be? A kiss-my-glass canopy of gardens and farmers' markets, like a hippy version of Superman's Fortress of Solitude. Crystal spires that recall the days when the heads of traitors were raised above the bridge on spikes. And all kinds of imaginative shipping hazards randomly strewn along the Thames. Fantastic. Unfortunately, the design is likely to remain in the realms of 'concept'. The competition was organised by RIBA purely to celebrate 800 years since the original stone bridge opened. The winning design is by Chetwoods (don't click through - it's yet another annoyingly designed architects' website), chosen unanimously from the 70 entries.

Last Updated 10 July 2009


Man, if this Boris is serious about groundbreaking architecture we should bloody well find the money and build this - it's brilliant!

White elephant white shmelephant. Who cares... build it!


I'd prefer London Bridge as it is compared to that.


Disappointing - I was hoping for actual spikes with actual heads of traitors. And why are there 20 foot long kebabs floating in the Thames?