Last Minute Listing: Cymbals Eat Guitars

By SallyB2 Last edited 114 months ago
Last Minute Listing: Cymbals Eat Guitars


Isn't it great when you hear a song and love it straight away? A band we'd never heard of wandered into our inbox this morning, and this afternoon sees us scouring the net for more about them. Cymbals Eat Guitars have got a fresh sound: it kind of blended with today's smell of wet pavements and got into our head. If that makes sense. Great lyrics too.

Anyway, the point is that this New York quartet are in town. We missed their first night, but you can catch up with them again tonight at Barfly in Camden, or The Windmill in Brixton tomorrow. They've just released an album in America, and their first single, 'And the Hazy Sea', is due out over here in August.

Big thumbs up from us.

Last Updated 08 July 2009