Jail Roundup: Three Arsonists And A Female Groomer

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Jail Roundup: Three Arsonists And A Female Groomer

Remember the story about the fire attack on publishers Gibson Square (confusingly based in Lonsdale Square)? The company were due to publish the novel Jewel of Medina, which concerns a wife of the Prophet Muhammad, when a trio of Muslims took umbrage and decided to pour diesel through the letterbox of the publisher's home and office. The resulting fire caused damage, but no one was injured. Abbas Taj, Ali Beheshti and Abrar Mirza from Walthamstow and Ilford will now each serve four and a half years after being found guilty of conspiracy to commit arson. The book remains unpublished in the UK, but has received something of a panning in the international reviews.

Meanwhile, in a 'first of its kind' case, a Camberwell woman has been jailed for sexually grooming a 15-year-old girl. Sarah Wilson admits sending 'sexually graphic' messages via phone and internet to the youngster and finally arranging to meet at Kings Cross station in January this year. Fortunately, the girl was reported missing by her Scunthorpe-based parents and intercepted at Kings Cross before the liaison could occur. Wilson will now serve 20 months after admitting to 'travelling to meet a child following sexual grooming'.

Last Updated 08 July 2009