Dunwich Dynamo 2009: Pictures Of A Cycling Challenge

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Dunwich Dynamo 2009: Pictures Of A Cycling Challenge
Cyclists descend on London Fields
Getting ready for the ride
Getting out of London was probably the toughest part.
Riding through Essex as the sun sets...
... and through Suffolk as it rose again.
Finally, Dunwich Beach and a much needed dip.

A few bleary-eyed and saddle-sore Londoners will have more-interesting-than-usual water cooler banter about what they did on their weekend. A big night down the pub? No, a 120 mile overnight bike ride to the Suffolk coast. The Dunwich Dynamo was run (and not won, it's not a race) over the weekend. We went along for the ride from London Fields all the way to Dunwich Beach, and managed a few snaps during drink stops.

Massive thanks to Barry from Southwark Cyclists for getting everyone and their bikes back home, against all odds.

Last Updated 06 July 2009